About the Hunting Companion

Jointly developed by the Montana State Library and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Hunting Companion is designed to provide answers to four questions that hunters ask:

  • What can I hunt?
  • When can I hunt?
  • Where can I hunt?
  • How do I hunt?

What to Hunt

Game Species Guides: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' online resources organized by animal. Each guide includes information about various hunting seasons, regulations, and license information with links to the Montana Field Guide.

Harvest & Hunting Reports: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' online website for downloading tabular data or learning about hunting harvests by species, hunting season(s), and district. Predefined harvest reports including statistics, success rate, and more are also provided by species and hunting season.

When to Hunt

Seasons Calendar: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' online calendar of hunting seasons arranged by animals and game birds. The calendar includes the season start and end dates for each species.

Sunrise-Sunset Tables: Hunting for most species begins and ends one-half hour before and after sunset. This document includes official sunrise and sunset times adopted by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission. Consult the specific game hunting regulations to determine the hunting start and end times as they relate to this table.

Where to Hunt

Find Land Ownership: Montana Base Map Service Center's online application that helps users search for land parcels and get information about who owns the land. See the Help file for a step by step guide to find a land owner. A new land parcel search online application is in development and may be available during the Fall 2011 hunting season.

Public and Private Land Ownership Maps: Montana Natural Resource Information System's static maps produced each hunting season that show privately owned tracts of land that are forty acres or greater. The maps are keyed to provide the owner’s name to assist hunters when seeking permission to hunt.

How to Hunt

Hunt Planner: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' online resources that combine updated maps with hunting regulations and harvest statistics.

Get Licenses: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' online website for hunters to apply for licenses and special drawings.

Hunting Regulations: downloadable PDF files of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' hunting regulations by animal species. The website includes sunrise-sunset tables, district legal descriptions, maps and other general information.

Hunter Education: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' online information about a variety of hunter education courses available including the general hunter education certification program. Any hunter born after January 1, 1985 must have a certificate verifying that she or he completed a hunter education course in order to obtain a hunting license.

Hunter-Landowner Stewardship Project: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' program for anyone interested in promoting responsible hunter behavior and good hunter/landowner relations in Montana.

More about Hunting: A link to the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Hunting website that provides in-depth information about hunting.