Broad Valleys

Statewide Technology Librarian

Primary Contact: Suzanne Reymer
Secondary Contact: Pamela Henley

Federation Coordinator

Judy Hart, Lewis and Clark Library


Montana Library Event Calendar 

Meeting Date

Fall 2014 - Conference call, October 9 - Agenda (pdf)

Talking Points

Spring 2015 Talking Points (pdf)

Video Report

MSL Video Report to the Public Library Federations - Fall 2014


Bylaws (pdf)

Annual Reports


Plans of Service

FY2015 - Commission Approved
FY2014 - Commission Approved
FY2013 - Commission Approved
FY2012 - Commission Approved
FY2011 - Commission Approved
FY2010 - Commission Approved

MSL State Reports

Summary - Fall 2013 Meetings
Summary - Spring 2013 Meetings
Summary - Fall 2012 Meetings
Summary - Spring 2012 Meetings
Summary - Fall 2011 Meetings
Summary - Spring 2011 Meetings
Summary - Fall 2010 Meetings
Summary - Spring 2010 Meetings
Summary - Fall 2009 Meetings
Summary - Spring 2009 Meetings


Member Libraries

Belgrade Community Library
Gale Bacon - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Chrysti Smith Library Board Member ctwordsmith@yahoo.com
Kristine Menicucci Library Board Vice-Chair kmenicucci@yahoo.com
Pamela Knowles Library Board Member pamelalknowles@yahoo.com
Cynthia Cheney Library Board Chair CynthiaC@ourbank.com
Bob Coughlin Seat Library Board Member gbacon@mtlib.org
Boulder Community Library
Jodi Smiley - Branch Librarian
Trustee Type Email Address
Jackie Thiel Library Board Member jrthiel@gmail.com
Danielle Lattin Library Board Chair danielleseth@hotmail.com
Jan Ziettlow Library Board Member jzitlo@yahoo.com
Valerie McOuat Library Board Member Vlm1@earthlink.net
Diane Ward Library Board Vice-Chair K-d@outdrs.net
Bozeman Public Library
Susan Gregory - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Ron Farmer Library Board Chair songbird@wispwest.net
Jacqueline McGuire Library Board Vice-Chair jacki@jmcguirecpa.com
Judy Mathre Library Board Member mathre@q.com
John Gallagher Library Board Member john.gallagher@bsd7.org
Jennifer Pawlak Library Board Member jenniferpawlak@gmail.com
Broadwater School and Community Library
Angela Giono - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Carolyn Schaefer Library Board Member No email address.
Theresa Srocyck Library Board Chair No email address.
Amanda Hazlett Library Board Vice-Chair No email address.
Kari Williams Library Board Member No email address.
Debbie Cain Library Board Member No email address.
Butte-Silver Bow Public Library
Lee Miller - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Susan Callaghan Federation Representative sjcmt2003@yahoo.com
Tibor Egervary Library Board Chair TEGERVARY@gmail.com
Kathy Ellington Library Board Member kaki3881@gmail.com
Dillon Public Library
Marie Habener - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Carol E. Martin Library Board Member dillon_city_library@yahoo.com
Michael Mhoon Library Board Member baptistcollegiate@bresnan.net
LaVon Brillhart Library Board Chair dillon_city_library@yahoo.com
Dan Nye Library Board Member nye.dilloncouncilman@yahoo.com
Lee Ann Jenne Library Board Member lee_ann.jenne@universityofmontanawestern.onmicrosoft.com
Drummond School & Community Library
Jodi Oberweiser - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Shelley Johnson Library Board Chair shelleyreidjohnson@gmail.com
Allen Bryant Library Board Member saw1@blackfoot.net
Sue Peterson Library Board Member petersonangus@aol.com
Nikki Graybeal Advisory Board Member Nikki.graybeal@gmail.com
Bryan Kott Library Board Member Bkottdhs@blackfot.net
Hearst Free Library
Mitchell Grady - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Dick Verstraete Library Board Member greatgray1958@gmail.com
Sandi Wenger Library Board Chair slwenger1@hotmail.com
Mary Murphy Library Board Member mgrady@mtlib.org
Deb Brickley Library Board Member mgrady@mtlib.org
Patricia Mulvey Library Board Member PMulvey@anacondadeerlodge.mt.gov
Lewis and Clark Library
Judy Hart - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Helen McCaffrey Library Board Member hmccaffrey@mt.gov
Sandra Conrady Library Board Member conrady0725@msn.com
Jesse Franzen Library Board Vice-Chair jessefranzen@yahoo.com
Robert Bayuk Library Board Chair r68tool@yahoo.com
LeRoy Schramm Library Board Member lschramm6@aol.com
Livingston-Park County Public Library
Tammy Brawn - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Susan Kraft Library Board Member skraft@wispwest.net
Scarlet Morrison Library Board Member smorrison@americanbankmontana.com
Robyn Albright Library Board Vice-Chair ralbright@fib.com
Nancy Kessler Library Board Chair kesslerns@gmail.com
Janna Auger Library Board Member jannaauger@gmail.com
Madison Valley Public Library
Molly Aagard - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Shirley Love Library Board Member whitneyptranch@wispwest.net
John Bancroft Library Board Member johnb@ennismontana.org
Mary Van Pelt Library Board Chair etp@3rivers.net
Lisa Brubaker Advisory Board Member lisambrubaker@gmail.com
Manhattan Community School Library
Kari Eliason - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Barb Oriet Library Board Member boriet@bozeman,k12.mt.us
Ginny Fischer Library Board Member Ginnifisch@aol.com
Patty Hebner Library Board Chair phebner@bresnan.net
Sheila Skinner Library Board Member No email address.
Ginny Francis Library Board Member ginnyfrancis@yahoo.com
Meagher County/City Library
Jessica Ketola - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Gordon Doig Library Board Chair gordonhdoig@yahoo.com
Steve Hicks Library Board Member No email address.
Elton Lee Library Board Member cotwoope@yahoo.com
Gretchen Rader Library Board Member gretchen@duttonstatebank.com
Maggie Johnston Roach Library Board Member suncitymaggie@hotmail.com
North Jefferson County Library District
Carly Delsigne - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Lynora Rogstad Library Board Member lynora.rogstad@gmail.com
Jane Hamman Library Board Chair Janeleehamman@aol.com
Elizabeth McNamara Library Board Vice-Chair bethmcnamara@yahoo.com
Mari Jean Bellander Library Board Member amsadmin@bresnan.net
Marty Clark Library Board Member martclark74@gmail.com
Philipsburg Public Library
Susan McCann - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Casey Truesdale Library Board Member caseycarey1979@yahoo.com
Jamie Willett Library Board Member jamie@votesmart.org
Dustin Muhly Library Board Member dustinmuhly@yahoo.com
Betty Hawthorn Library Board Member pleaseedit@mt.com
Linda Ransford Library Board Member drm3416@icloud.com
Sheridan Public Library
William Talbott - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Carol Lee Swager Library Board Member clswager@3rivers.net
Rose Keller Library Board Member No email address.
Judy Aaker Library Board Member No email address.
Lynne Fischer Library Board Member No email address.
Cynthia Shackleton Library Board Chair No email address.
Thompson-Hickman County Library
Jack Albrecht - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Lucy Ennis Library Board Member No email address.
Patricia Bradley Library Board Member No email address.
Janet Doornbos Library Board Chair rubybaly@3rivers.net
Jan Thomas Library Board Vice-Chair jkmrthomas3@gmail.com
Art Kehler Library Board Member a_kehler53@hotmail.com
Three Forks Community Library
Debbi Kramer - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Ann Cole Library Board Chair acole@fcbank.net
Nancy O'Donnell Federation Representative tflibrary@hotmail.com
Fawn Venzor Library Board Vice-Chair fawnv23@hotmail.com
Steven Hamilton Library Board Member shamilton@aol.com
Sally Griffin Library Board Member griffin830@yahoo.com
Twin Bridges Public Library
Adam Kish - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Kerstin Clark Library Board Chair kerstinclark@gmail.com
Ed Wrzesinski Library Board Member twin@3rivers.net
Steve Millhouse Library Board Member millhousesa@gmail.com
Didi Murray Library Board Member dmmontana@3rivers.net
West Yellowstone Public Library
Bruce McPherson - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Patrick Brennan Library Board Member wypl@mtlib.org
Bill Arnardo Library Board Member mtwarwag@aol.com
Rocky Hermanson Library Board Chair Rocky@YellowstoneRealty.com
Yessika Vega Library Board Member yessika@ourbank.com
William K. Kohrs Memorial Library
Cindy Grieshaber - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Tom Wang Library Board Member No email address.
Grant Sitler Library Board Member No email address.
Warner Bair Library Board Member No email address.
Brian Bender Library Board Chair bender.dl.council@gmail.com
Jackie Thompson Library Board Member jthomp@deerlodgeschool.org