Golden Plains

Statewide Consulting Librarian

Primary Contact: Suzanne Reymer

Federation Coordinator

Janeen Brookie, Phillips County Library


Montana Library Event Calendar 

Meeting Date

Spring 2016 - April 21, 2016

Meeting Minutes

Fall 2015 - Roosevelt County Library

Talking Points

Spring 2015 Talking Points (pdf)

Video Report

MSL Video Report to the Public Library Federations - Fall 2014


Bylaws (pdf)

Annual Reports


Plans of Service

FY2016 - Commission Approved
FY2015 - Commission Approved
FY2014 - Commission Approved
FY2013 - Commission Approved
FY2012 - Commission Approved
FY2011 - Commission Approved
FY2010 - Commission Approved


Member Libraries

Daniels County Library
Valerie Landeraaer - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Sheila Oie Advisory Board Member soie@nemont.net
Judy Wolfe Library Board Chair judperwo@nemont.net
Ellen Linder Library Board Member No email address.
Francie Hoversland Library Board Member No email address.
Nancy Hons Library Board Member marbev@nemont.net
Glasgow City-County Library
Megan Haddix - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Pat Knierim Federation Representative 2patk@nemont.net
Janet Markle Library Board Member janetmarkle@yahoo.com
Brenda Tarum Library Board Chair 2detarum@nemont.net
Dain Christianson Library Board Member dainmary@nemont.net
Sean Heavey Library Board Vice-Chair alconartz@gmail.com
James E. Shanley Tribal Library
Anita Scheetz - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Margaret Abbott Library Board Chair mabbott@fpcc.edu
Phillips County Library
Janeen Brookie - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Polly Solberg Library Board Chair philibr@itstriangle.com
Penny Lind Federation Representative bootssmoke7@yahoo.com
Bruce Christofferson Library Board Member philibr@itstriangle.com
John Roberts Library Board Vice-Chair philibr@itstriangle.com
Howard Pippin Library Board Member pippinhoward@gmail.com
Roosevelt County Library
Andrea Hayes - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Laurie Evans Library Board Chair murffy2cat@yahoo.com
Gloria Mason Library Board Vice-Chair gam38@nemont.net
Patricia Walters Library Board Member read@nemont.net
Pat Henry Federation Representative phdawson119@yahoo.com
Beth Hekkel Library Board Member hekkelbeth@yahoo.com
Sheridan County Library
Jonna Underwood - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Shari Olson Library Board Chair saolson@hotmail.com
Mary Anne Fowells Library Board Member mafowells@hotmail.com
Trent Kleppen Library Board Member trentkleppen@gmail.com
David Anderson Library Board Member mahdea@nemont.net
Chassity Kelm Library Board Member cmkelm@hotmail.com