Statewide Consulting Librarian

Primary Contact: Lauren McMullen

Federation Coordinator

Debbie Wellman, Chouteau County Library


Montana Library Event Calendar 

Meeting Date

Spring 2016 - May 19, 2016 - Agenda

Talking Points

Spring 2015 Talking Points (pdf)

Video Report

MSL Video Report to the Public Library Federations - Fall 2014


Bylaws (pdf)

Annual Reports


Plans of Service

FY2016 - Commission Approved
FY2015 - Commission Approved
FY2014 - Commission Approved
FY2013 - Commission Approved
FY2012 - Commission Approved
FY2011 - Commission Approved
FY2010 - Commission Approved


Member Libraries

Belt Public Library
Gladys Rayhill - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Jana McCoy Library Board Chair giglbox.jana@gmail.com
Patty Kolar Library Board Member pkolar@beltschool.com
Linda Brown Library Board Member bcece49@gmail.com
Lynne Wahlert Library Board Vice-Chair lwahlert7274@gmail.com
Molly Bock Federation Representative molly.sweeney.bock@gmail.com
Blaine County Library
Valerie Frank - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Carol Elliot Library Board Member weelliot@itstriangle.com
Amelia Funk Library Board Vice-Chair aacfunk38@hotmail.com
Patty Hall Federation Representative blcolib@itstriangle.com
Steven Edwards Library Board Member steve.edwards114@yahoo.com
Barb Jergeson Library Board Chair gvilla@mtintouch.net
Choteau/Teton Public Library
Della Yeager - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Dale Durr Library Board Member tdaled422@yahoo.com
Gail Stevens Library Board Member pilot@tetonwireless.net
Jean Harman Library Board Vice-Chair grammajean56@gmail.com
Karen Ferris Library Board Chair kaenf@yahoo.com
Chouteau County Library
Debbie Wellman - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Ron Young Library Board Chair ron15jayhawk@gmail.com
Janet Worrall Federation Representative hwworrall@gmail.com
Kim Hibl Library Board Member kgood81@gmail.com
Nancy Grossman Library Board Member grossmannancy009@gmail.com
Danielle Engellant Library Board Member daniengellant@gmail.com
Conrad Public Library
Carolyn Donath - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Erin Brentesen Library Board Member No email address.
Wendy Judisch Advisory Board Member No email address.
Janet Spears Library Board Chair wjspears@gmail.com
Stephanie Keil-Harris Advisory Board Member keilharris@yahoo.com
Glenda McKeone Advisory Board Member pmckeone@hotmail.com
Patrick Heinen Advisory Board Member Pheinen@gmail.com
Dutton/Teton Public Library
Kelby Blanchet - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Donna Ward Advisory Board Member No email address.
Colleen Campbell Advisory Board Member No email address.
Gail Stephens Library Board Chair duttonpubliclibrary@gmail.com
Alice Copenhaver Advisory Board Member bcope@3river.net
Peggy Doheny Advisory Board Member mjdoheny@hotmail.com
Fairfield/Teton Public Library
Brett Allen - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Lillian Alfson Library Board Chair ffpubliclibrary@3rivers.net
Agnes Kolste Library Board Member No email address.
Glacier County Library
Jamie Greco - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
June Duncan Library Board Chair jlduncan@bresnan.net
Kari Dell Library Board Member karilynndell@gmail.com
Leslie Haggar Library Board Member lesliehaggar@yahoo.com
Renee Lowery Library Board Member renlowery@gmail.com
Vicki Holbrook Library Board Member h4rrc@me.com
Great Falls Public Library
Kathy Mora - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Dea Nowell Library Board Chair dea@ucsld.org
Mitch Tropila Library Board Vice-Chair tropila@mt.net
MaryEllen Kropp Library Board Member mbmlkropp@yahoo.com
Jane West Library Board Member Jane.west.hayworth@gmail.com
Whitney Olson Library Board Member whitneyolson@gmail.com
Harlem Public Library
Colleen Brommer - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Jack Young Library Board Member jack@harlem-hs.k12.mt.us
Chuck Wasser Library Board Member No email address.
Kirsti Cederberg Library Board Chair maxc@ttc-cmc.net
Mary John Taylor Library Board Member mjtaylor@itstriangle.com
Valerie VanVoast Library Board Member valvoast@live.com
Havre-Hill County Library
Rachel Rawn - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Julie Verploegen Library Board Vice-Chair library@havrehill.org
Dolores Noffsinger Library Board Chair library@havrehill.org
Paula Miller Library Board Member library@havrehill.org
Lloyd Stallkamp Library Board Member library@havrehill.org
Chris Vincent Library Board Member library@havrehill.org
Liberty County Library
Teresa Fenger - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Peg Duffin Library Board Chair libertycountylibrary@hotmail.com
Gail Matkin Library Board Member No email address.
Penny Walston Library Board Member No email address.
Sandy Anderson Library Board Member No email address.
Linda Backen Library Board Member No email address.
Beverly Jochim Federation Representative libertycountylibrary@hotmail.com
Toole County Library
Heidi Alford - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Emily McDermott Library Board Member emcdermott@threerivers.net
Peggy Tobin Library Board Chair peggyt@northerntel.net
Lola Skryja Library Board Member rokndrt@northerntel.net
Eve Jacobson Library Board Vice-Chair howie@3rivers.net
JB Chandler Library Board Member 2jbchandler@gmail.com
Valier Public Library
Cathy Brandvold - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Liz Makarowski Library Board Member valpubl@3rivers.net
Steve Kincaid Library Board Chair kincaidsk@yahoo.com
Patty VandenBos Library Board Member valpubl@3rivers.net
Amber Malinak Library Board Vice-Chair valpubl@3rivers.net
Tawnee Hartwell Library Board Member valpubl@3rivers.net
Valier Public Schools Library
Renee Gabbard - School Librarian
Trustee Type Email Address
Wedsworth Memorial Library
Nancy Royan - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Betty Stedman Library Board Member bettyjstedman@yahoo.com
Lisa Schoechert Library Board Member archer818@hotmail.com
Bill Fleschenhar Library Board Member billflax1@yahoo.com
Melody Skogley Library Board Vice-Chair skogleyfam@centurylink.net
Jo Ann Eisenzimer Library Board Chair joeisenzimer@yahoo.com