Statewide Consulting Librarian

Primary Contact: Lauren McMullen

Federation Coordinator

Honore Bray, Missoula Public Library


Montana Library Event Calendar 

Meeting Date

Spring 2016 - May 20-21, 2016

Talking Points

Spring 2015 Talking Points (pdf)

Video Report

MSL Video Report to the Public Library Federations - Fall 2014


Bylaws (pdf)

Annual Reports


Plans of Service

FY2016 - Commission Approved
FY2015 - Commission Approved
FY2014 - Commission Approved
FY2013 - Commission Approved
FY2012 - Commission Approved
FY2011 - Commission Approved
FY2010 - Commission Approved


Member Libraries

Bitterroot Public Library
Mark Wetherington - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Bruce Weide Library Board Chair wildsentry@gmail.com
Carole Olson Library Board Member Caroleitnez@aol.com
Nikki McConnell Library Board Member timandnik@msn.com
Brittany McKenzie Library Board Member brm821@hotmail.com
Robert Ratcheson Library Board Member rar@case.edu
Darby Community Public Library
Wendy Campbell - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Forest Hayes Library Board Chair formarhayes@aol.com
Barbara Ackerman Library Board Member rbdarby@initco.net
Judy Estler Library Board Member jestler@cybernet1.net
Ted Almgren Library Board Member tedalmgren@hughes.net
Lisa Poe Advisory Board Member lpoe@darby.k12.mt.us
ImagineIF Kalispell
Kim Crowley - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Jane Lopp Library Board Vice-Chair janelopp@bresnan.net
Connie Leistiko Library Board Member cleistiko@centurytel.net
Michael Morton Library Board Member morton@montana.com
Al Logan Library Board Member Albertlogan1180@yahoo.com
Terrill Guidi Library Board Chair tdguidi@bresnan.net
Lincoln County Public Libraries
Richard Ball - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Kate Huntsberger Library Board Vice-Chair rball@lincolncountylibraries.com
Marilyn McDougall Library Board Member rball@lincolncountylibraries.com
Barb Hvizdak Library Board Member bhvizdak@lincolncountylibraries.com
Russ Barnes Library Board Member rball@lincolncountylibraries.com
Rob Dufficy Library Board Chair rdufficy@lincolncountylibraries.com
Mineral County Public Library
Guna Chaberek - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Tom Olding Library Board Member gnidlo@yahoo.com
Donna Albert Library Board Member mdalbert@blackfoot.net
Brenda Schneider Library Board Chair brendaschneider@blackfoot.net
Diane Magone Library Board Vice-Chair diane_magone@hotmail.com
Sheelia Miller Library Board Member mtgypsy41@gmail.com
Missoula Public Library
Honore Bray - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Rita Henkel Library Board Chair montanamema@gmail.com
Christine Prescott Library Board Member cprescott@mail.mtwi.net
Margaret Wafstet Library Board Member maggieshortbee@hotmail.com
Becky Mosbacher Library Board Member No email address.
Kathi Doney Library Board Vice-Chair No email address.
Matt English Library Board Member menglish@missoula.co.us
North Lake County Public Library
Marilyn Trosper - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Holly Wurl Federation Representative hollynlcpubliclibraryinfo@yahoo.com
Bruce Harrop Library Board Member bcharrop@hotmail.com
Clint Hoxie Library Board Chair hoxiec@icloud.com
Maggie Newman Library Board Member mnewman1@centurytel.net
Allen Bone Library Board Vice-Chair allenrbone@yahoo.com
North Valley Public Library
Denise Ard - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Victoria Howell Library Board Chair editor@bitterrootstar.com
Kim Tiplady Library Board Member totemfarmgirl@gmail.com
Dianne Snedigar Library Board Member diannes@farmersebank.com
Caitlin Dunn Library Board Member caitlinaa94@gmail.com
Ben Essary Library Board Member bgessary@msn.com
Plains Public Library District
Carrie Terrell - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Andrew Gonzalez Library Board Chair andrewgonzalez373@yahoo.com
Lisa Fried de Reyes Library Board Vice-Chair lisaf@rmbank.com
Nora Verpoorten Federation Representative NRVERP@blackfoot.net
Don Stamm Library Board Member dlstamm69@gmail.com
Judith Hawley Library Board Member judyhawley50@gmail.com
Preston Hot Springs Town-County Library
Starla Rice - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Lola McDougle Federation Representative lolaandmac@mail.com
Liz De Roche Library Board Member thederoches@yahoo.com
Linda Landrum Library Board Chair prestonhotspringslibrary@yahoo.com
Rube Wrightsman Library Board Vice-Chair sagehillrube@hotmail.com
Nisca Warthen Library Board Member prestonhotspringslibrary@yahoo.com
Rocky Mountain Laboratories Library
Taylor Robinson - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Ronan Library District
Michelle Fenger - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Mary Rogers Library Board Chair ronanc123@yahoo.com
John Moon Library Board Member jmmoon@ronan.net
Vickie Radford Federation Representative vradford13@bresnan.net
Cheryl Jackson Library Board Member cherylzjackson@gmail.com
Margaret Burke Library Board Member mlbocity5423@yahoo.com
St Ignatius School-Community Library
Daniel Thompson - Community Librarian
Trustee Type Email Address
Sheila Vallejo Federation Representative No email address.
Brenda Arlint Library Board Chair barlint@stignatiusschools.ort
Aspen Incashola Library Board Member a.incashola@yahoo.com
Thompson Falls Public Library
Lynne Kersten - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Eileen Turk Library Board Chair tfl4205@blackfoot.net
Kathy Conlin Library Board Member montanagirl@blackfoot.net
Juanita Triplett Library Board Member triplett49@gmail.com
John Wozniak Library Board Member jlwoz@hotmail.com
Lee Suttorp Library Board Member suttorpjl@blackfoot.net
Whitefish Community Library
Joey Kositzky - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Anne Moran Library Board Chair moran.WCL@gmail.com
Alison Pomerantz Library Board Member pomerantz.WCL@gmail.com
Mary Vail Library Board Member vail.WCL@gmail.com
Roger Barber Library Board Member barber.wcl@gmail.com
Mitchell Drachman Advisory Board Member drachman.wcl@gmail.com