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Missoula Public Library

Library Name Missoula Public Library
Institution Name Missoula Public Library and Branches
Mailing Address 301 E Main
Street Address 301 E Main
City Missoula
State MT
Zip Code 59802-4799
Library Phone (406) 721-2665 Ext
Library Fax (406) 258-0500
County Missoula
Library Type Public
Service Area
Service Area
Square Miles
Library Barcode x3144
School Level Not a school
Federation Tamarack
Federation HQ's? Yes
Friends of the Library? Yes
Library Foundation? Yes
Tax Exempt? Yes
501(c)(3)? Yes
State Depository? Yes
Federal Depository? No
Shared Catalog Montana Shared Catalog
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Winter Hours M-Th 10a-9p; F-Sa 10a-6p; Su 1-5p
Summer Hours M-Th 10a-9p; F-Sa 10a-6p; Sun 1-5p
OCLC Code Y38
Classification Dewey Decimal System
Special Resources
Updated On 8/27/2018


Name Position
Florian Albrecht Library Page
Annie Alger Interlibrary Loan Librarian
Amanda Allpress Reference Librarian
Selya Avila Library Assistant
David Berry Custodian
Honore Bray Library Director
Richard Brodowy Custodian
Caroline Campbell Technical Services Technician
Pam Carlton Youth Services Librarian
Erin Casey Library Technician
Teresa Clarke Library Page
Laura Cote Library Assistant
Joshua Daidone Library Assistant
Brian Doyle Library Assistant
Marjorie Doyle Reference Librarian
Tove Elvrom Library Specialist
Bradin Farnworth Youth Services Librarian
Sheryl Franciosi Library Page
Desiree Funston Reference Librarian
Anne Gentry Library Assistant
Karen Gonzales Library Page
Linette Greene Youth Services Librarian
Jane Guest Library Technician
Marty Habeck Library Assistant
Christine Hadlow Library Specialist
Leah Hammerquist Library Assistant
Max Hill Library Assistant
Elizabeth Jonkel Assistant Director
Carolyn Kamrud Library Assistant
Pam Keller Library Assistant
Colleen Kesterson Library Technician
Crystal Kobayashi Library Technician
Claudia Kux Library Assistant
Margaret Louis Library Page
Meghan Mackinnon Library Page
Dana McMurray Library Specialist
Kathy Mitchell Technical Services Technician
Lucas Moody Library Page
Robert Mueller Library Associate
Wendy Norwood Library Assistant
Karl Olson Library Administrative Associate
Lyndy Parke Youth Services Librarian
Paulette Parpart Cataloger
Robert Peltzer Custodian
Ira Sather-Olson Library Associate
Allen Seelye Networking Coordinator
Jim Semmelroth Network Manager
Susan Stone Library Technician
Martha Thayer Librarian
Mikyla Veis Library Assistant
Sarah Velk Library Assistant
Sasa Vesovic Library Assistant
Kirk Vriesman Reference Librarian
Robert Wohlsen Library Page
Leslie Wood Administrative Assistant
Mary Wooldridge Library Assistant


Name Position
Barbara Berens Advisory Board Member
Matt English Library Board Vice-Chair
Rita Henkel Library Board Chair
Audra Loyal Library Board Member
Becky Mosbacher Library Board Member
Margaret Wafstet Library Board Member
Board Dates Generally, the board meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Meetings are held in the Director's Office at Missoula Public Library beginning at 6:00 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend.

OPAC / Internet Access

Public Wireless Access   Yes  
Internet access is available to patrons through a wireless network (such as WiFi) where patrons can use their personal laptops or library laptops available for check-out.
Public Desktop Computers   76
Number of desktop computers that the public may use to access general Internet content.
Public Laptops   8
Number of laptop computers available to the public for accessing general Internet content.  Laptops may be available for a restricted amount of time within the library or available for check-out and at-home use.
Children's Computers   4
Number of computers available that are designated for children.  Some libraries place these in a children's area.  Computers typically include children’s learning software and may or may not be connected to the Internet.
Teen Computers   8
Number of computers available that are designated for teens or young adults.  Some libraries place these in a young adult area.  Computers typically include age-relevant software and may or may not be connected to the Internet.
Adjustable-height Computer Stations   1
Number of computer workstations with adjustable-height desks that can accommodate patrons with wheel chairs.
Low-vision Computer Stations   1
Number of computer workstations with low-vision software and peripherals such as text magnification.
Blind Patron Computer Stations   1
Number of computer workstations with blind patron software and peripherals such as JAWS and MAGIC speech-to-text software.
Low-dexterity Computer Stations   0
Number of computer workstations with low-dexterity peripherals such as ergonomic mice and keyboards.
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