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Letter to the Editor - Sample 1

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Dear Editor:

We all know that baby boomers comprise the largest segment of our country's population. Because of their sheer numbers, baby boomers have greatly affected everything in this country from public policy to the economy, from styles and trends to new attitudes about health care and aging.

Montana is no different. Baby boomers are a quickly growing segment of Montana's population, and as boomers age, we will see our own state change to meet the needs of the vast numbers of this group.

One group that is working hard to meet the needs of the boomer population are Montana libraries. Montana libraries are joining together to launch a statewide marketing and outreach initiative directed toward baby boomers. Known as the "What's Your Story?" campaign, the initiative's goal will be to remind Montana baby boomers that Montana libraries are community centers and centers of the community that foster learning at every stage of life.

As part of the "What's Your Story?" campaign, (Insert Library Name) will work with libraries from around the state to provide innovative programming, educational opportunities, and new resources, such as books, DVDs, and other library materials that are of special interest to the Montana baby boomer population.

The goal of (Insert Library Name) is to provide cutting-edge library services and materials to meet the needs of a varied population. By working on the "What's Your Story?' campaign with libraries around the state, we will be better able to provide a wide range of amazing resources to answer the needs of this diverse and rapidly growing group.

So, baby boomers, keep your eyes open for new materials - from posters and bookmarks and TV ads to new resources that will help you plan for retirement. Plan on attending one of our exciting adult programs, geared specifically for boomers, and learn how to best care for aging parents or everything you ever wanted to know about Elvis. Plan on visiting (Insert Library Name) soon to discover how we can help you rediscover yourself!


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  • Montana State Library
  • P.O. Box 201800, 1515 East 6th Avenue
  • Helena, MT 59620-1800
  • Phone: (406) 444-3115
  • Fax: (406) 444-0266
  • msl.mt.gov