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Letter to the Editor - Sample 2

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Dear Editor,

One of Montana’s most rapidly growing populations is the baby boomer generation. For those aged 45 – 60, Montana offers a wide range of great reasons for relocating here for the first time or moving back after years away. Whatever boomers are interested in– from huckleberry picking to hunting – whatever boomers may need, from health care to high-speed Internet, Montana has it all.

And where is the one place in Montana that baby boomers can turn to in order to meet their needs for everything from entertainment to information? Their Montana library!

Baby boomers are entering a new stage in their lives. They may have an empty nest for the first time in years. They may be looking at retirement or are already retired. They may have more time on their hands – or less – as they now have time to pursue their own interests.

Whatever the needs of this diverse population, local Montana libraries have the answer. Montana libraries will help baby boomers rediscover themselves. Whether they want to spend time with grandchildren or climbing Mt. Everest, now they can. And Montana libraries are there to help.


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  • Montana State Library
  • P.O. Box 201800, 1515 East 6th Avenue
  • Helena, MT 59620-1800
  • Phone: (406) 444-3115
  • Fax: (406) 444-0266
  • msl.mt.gov