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Pre-Retirement Seminar

Program Description

Planning for retirement is an important action, which many people put off until they are actually ready for retirement. This program will explain why one should examine his or her financial future while there still is a future.


  • Social Security and Medicare, state retirement expectations.
  • Available community resources for senior citizens.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Continuing education opportunities.


  • Financial services consultant or representative.
  • Representatives from the Social Security Administration, state retirement organization.
  • Representative of RSVP to speak about volunteer work.
  • Diverse group of retired people who could speak about their retirement.
  • Representative from the Montana Department of Health and Senior Services.
  • Local university representative.


  • Since this program is geared toward working people, it is best held as a 3-hour session on a Saturday or over a series of two 1½ hour evening programs
  • Classroom-style seating.
  • Preparation time - 3 hours.

Learn More About It

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Make It Special

  • Distribute travel brochures, college catalogs, hobby guides.
  • Highlight aspects of your collection that complement the program, such as magazines or books that focus on investing.

Market It

Send flyers to banks, savings and loan agencies, office complexes, factories, and other businesses.

Reprinted with permission from the Missouri State Library and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

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