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Back to Work After Retirement

Program Description

Some boomers may grow restless with retirement and seek to return to the workforce. Others may need to return to the workforce to stretch pensions. This is a program that offers insight into employment and career information that is useful for this group of adults.


  • Tips on job hunting.
  • Resume preparation.
  • Job possibilities.
  • Information on how one might qualify for jobs through government and private sector programs.


  • Department of Health and Senior Services representative.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission representative.
  • AARP representative.


  • Length - One 1½ hour session or four 1-hour sessions.
  • Classroom-style seating.
  • Preparation time - 2 hours.

Learn More About It

  • AARP Money and Work: http://aarp.org/money
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Council: http://eeoc.gov
  • Parmley, Mary T. New Work Styles for Your Retirement Career. Washington, DC: The National
    Council on Aging, 1997. Eighteen page pamphlet with useful tips on developing a second career-searching, rebuilding a resume, job-hunting, and interviewing.

Make It Special

  • In collaboration with your partners, host a mini job fair for older adults.
  • Photocopy participants' resumes.

Market It

  • Distribute flyers and information to downtown businesses, shopping centers, and financial institutions.

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