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Cooking Healthy for One or Two

Program Description

Many boomers may need to rethink the amount of food they prepare after their families have left home, as well as change the way they prepare meals in order to meet their changing health needs. This program will offer ideas on "how to do it."


  • How to shop for one or two.
  • Safely storing leftover food to avoid waste.
  • Foods to prepare that store well.
  • Ways to trim personal recipes to produce lesser amounts of food.
  • Ways to trim fat, salt, and cholesterol from personal recipes.


  • Nutritionist from the County Extension Service.
  • Hospital or school nutritionist.
  • Home economics teacher from your local school district.
  • Staff nutritionist employed by grocery store chains to deliver programs such as this.


  • Length - 1½ hours
  • Classroom-style seating. Note: A professional nutritionist will usually bring his or her own cooking
    equipment. Be sure there are appropriate electrical outlets, tables, and other required items
    available. Be sure electrical cords are secure.
  • Preparation time - 2½ hours.

Make It Special

  • Each participant can be encouraged to submit a favorite "trimmed down" recipe to the library for inclusion in a booklet compiled by the library. These booklets may be offered for sale to the general public to recover costs.
  • Distribute samples of the food prepared.

Market It

  • Distribute flyers and information to grocery stores, appliance stores. Ask utilities to promote this program when they send out monthly bills.

Reprinted with permission from the Missouri State Library and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

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