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Designing Your Own Web Site

Program Description

Limited only by your imagination, plunge into the world of Web design. Starting from scratch, learn the basics that you need to design and create a Web page/site that is all your own (personal, informational, professional, creative, retail or marketing).


  • Type of Web sites, audiences and design basics.
  • Free hosting, plug-in-view/templates vs. do-it-yourself, web domains and providers.
  • HTML coding and editors.
  • Images.
  • File structure and file transfer.
  • Other fandangle glitz and glamour (flash, css, java).


  • Local web designers.
  • Local high school students who have prowess.
  • Patrons who have created and maintained their own sites.


  • Idea sheet to distribute to participants before the class (What type of site do you want to make? What do you want to include - pictures, text? Who is the intended audience?).
  • Three 1-hour sessions.
  • Computer lab with one computer per person.

Learn More About It

Read books on Web design and explore websites such as: Blogger (http://blogger.com), Webmonkey (http://webmonkey.com), and About 100best Free Web Space Providers (http://100best-free-web-space.com/aboutUs.html)

Make It Special

  • Create a list of Web sites with different purposes for participants (personal, retail or marketing, informational, professional, creative).
  • Distribute a list of books and library materials that are related to web creation.
  • Cull a list of sites that offer free web hosting and web development.

Market It

Distribute flyers to local businesses - coffee places, bookstores, cafes, shopping centers, and pet stores.

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