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Flower Arranging

Program Description

Flowers can make a gray day bright. An artfully arranged bouquet can become a focal point of a room. Many patrons would like to know how to create their own gems. This program will give them the tools to get started.


  • Demonstration of flower arranging step by step, with advice on what to do and what not to do.
  • Suggested flowers and where to purchase them.
  • Elements of color and design.
  • How to incorporate silk and fresh flowers.


  • Florist.
  • County fair award winner.
  • Member of garden club.
  • Hobby/craft store teacher.


  • Length - 1½ hours.
  • Classroom-style seating.
  • Preparation time - 2 hours. Internet connection and one hour will need to be added if you choose to "Make It Special." Note: presenter may donate the materials, but the library may have to pay for them.

Learn More About It

Make It Special

The Society of American Flower Arrangers has a fun quiz that is supposed to help identify people's personalities, and, in turn, the best flower arrangement to suit their natures. Offer to check out participants' flower personalities at: http://www.aboutflowers.com/quiz/quiz_intro.html

Market It

Distribute flyers to craft and hobby centers, home improvement stores, florists, gardening centers, and anyplace where fresh or artificial flowers are sold.

Reprinted with permission from the Missouri State Library and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

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