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Parenting Your Parent

Program Description

As people live longer, "younger" older adults are caring for "older" older adults. Very often, they are still taking care of their children or grandchildren. This program is designed to help the "Sandwich Generation" cope. It gives participants the opportunity to share their concerns and possibly find kindred spirits among the group.


  • Characteristics and problems of older people including the emotional and psychological aspects of parenting.
  • The legal aspects of parenting, guardianships, etc.
  • Information on nutrition sites, assisted living, nursing homes.
  • Long-term care insurance.
  • Medicare regulations, i.e., what Medicare will and will not pay for.


  • Staff from the Area Agency on Aging (AAA).
  • Local Department of Health and Senior Services representatives.
  • Mental health care professionals from the local hospitals.


  • Length - Two 1½ hour sessions.
  • Auditorium-style seating.
  • Preparation time - 2 hours, plus half hour for second session.

Learn More About It

Department of Public Health and Human Services Office on Aging Services at http://www.dphhs.mt.gov/sltc/index.shtml. Contact your local AARP representative. AARP has numerous pamphlets and resources on this subject.

Make It Special

  • Offer participants lists of Web sites and books that will help them learn more about their parents. The agencies above offer several resources.
  • Order and distribute the Federal Trade Commission's "Aging Parents and Adult Children Together." Available free at http://ftc.gov or (202) 326-2572.

Market It

Distribute flyers to shopping centers, pharmacies, clinics, doctors' offices, as many places of employment as possible, and schools.

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