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“What Is Doppler?” Weather Forecasting Today

Program Description

Everyone loves to talk about the weather, and the Weather Channel is one of the most popular channels on cable networks, especially with seniors. Many people will enjoy learning how the professionals do it, as well as learning how they can become amateur meteorologists.


  • Different ways to forecast the weather, including methods the participants could use at home.
  • Information on different kinds of clouds, i.e., friendly clouds vs. threatening clouds.
  • Information on weather safety.
  • Montana weather records.
  • Weather folklore.


  • A television meteorologist; they often make personal appearances before groups.
  • Faculty of university, college, and high school science departments capable of lecturing on the topic of weather forecasting.
  • Length – 1 hour. Weather is such a popular topic that you can have several programs on this subject.
  • Auditorium-style seating.
  • Preparation time – 2 hours.

Learn More About It

Ludlum, David McWilliams. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather. New York: Knopf, 1997.

Make It Special

Purchase a “weather house” and place it where patrons can consult it when they visit the library. This “low-tech” weather forecasting tool will surely evoke memories. They are available through catalog resources such as Wind and Weather (www.windandweather.com) or Weather Affects (www.weatheraffects.com).

Market It

Everyone talks about the weather, so distribute this flyer widely.

Reprinted with permission from the Missouri State Library and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

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