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Montana Writers

Program Description

With more time on their hands to in which to indulge, baby boomers may wish to explore the literature of their home state. This program could be set up as a book club that meets to discuss a new Montana book every month, or could be one evening program that would provide an overview of several of Montana's most famous authors.


  • Montana's most famous authors
  • Montana genres: landscapes, coming-of-age, etc.
  • Montana's poets
  • Montana's living writers


  • Local English professors or teachers
  • Local creative writing professors or teachers
  • Local famous authors


  • For the book club, follow regular book club guidelines.
  • For a regular adult program, consider doing one three-hour program or two 1 ½ hour programs.
  • Auditorium-style seating.
  • Prep-time - for book club, 1 ½ hours for each meeting. For adult program, two hours.

Learn More About It

Make It Special

Ask a local bookstore to donate a book by a Montana author to be given as a door prize. Highlight components of your collection that complement the night's theme, from books to books-on-tape to movies.

Market It

Distribute flyers in bookstores, at college campuses, in places of employment, doctor's offices, and local businesses.

  • Montana State Library
  • P.O. Box 201800, 1515 East 6th Avenue
  • Helena, MT 59620-1800
  • Phone: (406) 444-3115
  • Fax: (406) 444-0266
  • msl.mt.gov