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Baby Boomer - Official Campaign Release

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September 30, 2005 Press Release Announcing the Launch of the "What's Your Story?" Campaign

April 25, 2007 Phone Number

“What’s Your Story? Find It At The Library!”
Montana Libraries to Reach Out to Baby Boomers with New Marketing Initiative

(CITY) - The (Name of Library) will join libraries throughout Montana in launching the second year of a statewide marketing initiative called, "What's Your Story? Find it at the library!" The marketing campaign is a multi-year effort designed to reach out to various Montana populations and remind them that Montana libraries are community centers and centers of their communities that foster learning at every stage of life. The second year of the "What's Your Story?" campaign will target Montana baby boomers.

"We targeted baby boomers in the second year of the campaign because they are a quickly growing segment of Montana's population," said Darlene Staffeldt, Montana State Librarian. "As a result, Montana libraries have seen an increase in their baby boomer patrons. This campaign will help us to better reach out to this segment of the population and to serve them in exciting new ways."

The (Name of Library) will launch their part of the marketing effort by celebrating at their library located at (insert address here) on (insert date) from (insert time from when until when). (Describe activities here.)

"We hope that all members of our community, but especially our baby boomers, will join us in launching the second year of this innovative new outreach program," said (name of spokesperson.) "As part of the 'What's Your Story?' campaign, Montana libraries will work together to provide innovative programming, educational opportunities, and new resources, such as books, DVDs, and other library materials that are of special interest to the Montana baby boomer population."

The statewide initiative will include the development of programming; marketing tools, such as posters and bookmarks; statewide media outreach, with new TV and radio public service announcements; and a series of print ads.

The "What's Your Story? Find it at the library!" campaign is sponsored by the Montana State Library, the Montana Library Association, the Library Services Technology Act, Mountain West Bank, and AARP. The first year of the campaign targeted Montana senior citizens. Montana libraries worked together to provide a range of new services, including cutting-edge programming and new resources for check-out to this segment of the population.

To learn more about the "What's Your Story?" campaign or the (Name of Library) participation in the statewide launch, contact (Name of Contact) at (phone number) or (e-mail).


  • Montana State Library
  • P.O. Box 201800, 1515 East 6th Avenue
  • Helena, MT 59620-1800
  • Phone: (406) 444-3115
  • Fax: (406) 444-0266
  • msl.mt.gov