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Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact:           Sara Groves
September 12, 2011                                                                                   (406) 444-5357

Montana ‘Hunting Companion’ Provides Hunters with Online Hunt Planning Resources

(HELENA) -- The Montana State Library and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks have partnered to provide easy-to-access information to help hunters have a safe and successful hunting season. The "Hunting Companion" can be found at http://msl.mt.gov/hunting.

The "Hunting Companion" is a streamlined access point for the basic information every hunter needs for a successful hunt. The site was launched in response to librarians reporting an increased need from their patrons for assistance in finding relevant hunting information online.

"As librarians, we whittled down the extraneous information to provide the basics hunters need to know before heading out to hunt," said Jennie Stapp, Chief Information Office and Digital Library Director at the Montana State Library. "The site launched in time for the 2010 hunting season and quickly became one of our most popular resources."

The "Hunting Companion" is designed to provide answers to four questions that hunters ask, including:

  • What can I hunt?
  • When can I hunt?
  • Where can I hunt? and
  • How do I hunt?

The "Hunting Companion" site has an easy-to-use interface and simplistic design and provides information from resources ranging from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Montana Base Map Service Center, and the Montana State Library.

New features that were added to the "Hunting Companion" site in 2011 include: harvest and hunting reports, updated land ownership maps, and a video overview of the site.

"The ‘Hunting Companion’ proved to be a valuable and popular resource for hunters in 2010," said Thomas Baumeister, Assistant Chief of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Communication and Education Division. "Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is pleased to be able to work with the Montana State Library to provide another access point to information about hunting in Montana."

The Hunting Companion was the first web site to go live as part of a large project by the Montana State Library that will condense all of Montana’s most important geographic and natural resources information and make it available in easy-to-access subject guides, such as hunting, fishing, mining, water resources, and farming and ranching. Information on these broad subjects is often found in multiple sources, including the web sites from multiple state and federal agencies. To date the State Library has launched the "Hunting Companion" and the "Fishing Companion."

"As librarians, our goal is to help people find the information they need easily and quickly," said Stapp. "By sifting through all of the information that is available from many different sources, we are able to locate the best resources that provide accurate, reliable and easy-to-use information so that people can move forward with what they’re doing, whether that’s hunting, fishing, or something else entirely."

For more information about the Hunting Companion, contact Sara Groves at (406) 444-5357 or via e-mail at: sgroves@mt.gov.


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