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About the "What's Your Story" Campaign

Montana libraries will help you rediscover yourself.Montana libraries are beloved by citizens and the communities we serve, yet Montana libraries face significant challenges. We are under-funded, short-staffed, and often taken for granted.

To help remind Montanans of the value of Montana libraries to the communities we serve, the “What’s Your Story?” campaign was born. A group of Montana librarians, representing communities big and small, east and west, and all types of libraries, came together to try to articulate what was needed to help our peers do a great job of promoting ourselves to the large number of patrons we serve.

Developing a campaign that targeted library users and potential library users felt too broad, so the committee voted to focus on one target market per year. The “What’s Your Story?” campaign will be a multi-year effort, united by a single logo. However, the targeted markets of the campaign will shift annually, with new marketing and public relations tools being developed all of the time in order to best reach these target markets.

Because Montana is home to a rapidly-growing senior citizen population, and because Montana libraries have witnessed an increase in the number of seniors utilizing our programming, services, and collections, the committee elected to spend the first year of the campaign targeting Montana’s senior citizens.

To that end, a wide range of tools, resources and partnerships have been developed to help Montana libraries spread the word. On this Web site, you will find everything from programming ideas just for seniors, to letters to the editor to artwork to presentations. All you will need to do is download what you’re looking for and use it to publicize your library. The materials are free for your library to use. However, we encourage you to tell us your story – keep us informed of how you are utilizing the campaign.

New marketing tools and resources will be available all of the time, so be sure to visit the Web site regularly to see what’s new. If you have suggestions of tools and resources that you’d like to see or if you have questions, please feel free to contact us at: (406) 444-5357 or sgroves@mt.gov.

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