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Planning a Health Fair: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know and More

Table of Contents

A Resource Manual for Montana Libraries

Darlene Staffeldt, Montana State Librarian
Sara Groves, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Published September 2007

“Planning a Health Fair:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Know and More” was produced with funds from the federal Library Services and Technology Act.  The contents of this manual may be reprinted in whole or in part, with credit, to accommodate users and personnel of libraries and other not-for-profit agencies.  However, reproduction of this manual in whole or in part for resale is not authorized.  Please direct inquiries about reproduction of the manual to the Montana State Library, Library Development Division.

Special thanks to Carol A. Rice, R.N. & Ph.D., Professor and Extension Health Specialist, Texas Cooperative Extension at the Texas A&M School of Rural Public Health for her willingness to share her excellent resources with Montana libraries in the spirit of public knowledge and resources. 

Compiled by Sara J. Groves

Table of Contents

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