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Planning a Health Fair: Setting Up Committees and Duties

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Facilities Subcommittee

The Facilities Subcommittee should consider the following when selecting facilities:

  • Inside versus Outside: if the health fair is outside, a contingency plan will be needed for bad weather, including wind; booth workers may need sunscreen.
  • Plan for equipment and electrical needs.
  • Are tables and chairs available?
  • Are adequate restroom facilities available?
  • Are drinking water and refreshments available?
  • Food safety: cooking and refrigeration.
  • Parking: Is it adequate?
  • What type of cleanup is required?
  • Safety: Are there stairs?
  • Is the location near transportation?
  • Is the location easily accessible for the target audience?
  • Is the location easy to find?
  • Plan for security. Where can purses be kept safely during the fair? Crowd control? etc.
  • Plan locations for exhibit booths (competing agencies do not like being right next to one another).
  • Plan for crowd flow.
  • Create a map for participants to locate booths of interest at the fair as well as essential services like restrooms and water fountains.
  • Create and post signs at the fair for booths and directions to restrooms, water fountains, refreshments, entertainment, first aid, lost parents, and exits. Signs may be done by the clerical committee.

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