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Planning a Health Fair: Setting Up Committees and Duties

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Publicity/Community Relations Subcommittee

Duties of the Publicity/Community Relations Subcommittee include:

  • Developing and disseminating posters, flyers, and mailings.
  • Developing and disseminating announcements to the media, including radio, TV, newspapers, store bulletin boards, church bulletins, etc.
  • Design a “pocket badge” that can be worn by the committee members, exhibitors, 4-H youth, and other volunteers just prior to the health fair. These could have a slogan reading, “I’m Going to the Health Fair” or “See You at the ___________ County Health Fair!”
  • Involve 4-Hers by asking them to make and display posters; have a poster contest.
  • Ask the county judge to proclaim the week of the health fair as “Health Week in ___________ County.”
  • Place flyers in grocery bags, bank statements, utility bills, and other regular mailings.
  • Include a brief announcement about the health fair in church bulletins.
  • A good point to emphasize is the estimated amount of money that can be saved by taking advantage of free screenings.

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