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Planning a Health Fair: Setting Up Committees and Duties

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Health Fair Time Table

Step 1

Select chair or co-chairs. Select and meet with planning/coordinating committee.

Step 2

Form and meet with subcommittees. Have subcommittees appoint chairs to report activities to planning committee.

Step 3

Select dates and times and secure location for the Health Fair.

Step 4

Ask exhibitors, clinicians, and other people working in the Fair to reserve the selected date.

Step 5

Provide a written confirmation to exhibitors and include the following information:

  • date of event
  • time (to set up booth and hours open to public)
  • location (include a map)
  • general guidelines
  • booth signs (provided by either committee or exhibitor)
  • remind exhibitors to bring special equipment, such as extension cords, three-prong adapters, etc.
  • ask exhibitors about space and electrical requirement
Step 6

Order handouts from the American Heart Association, Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, etc.

Step 7

Duplicate printed materials (registration forms, evaluation forms, publicity printing, etc.)

Step 8

Locate and line up needed equipment (chairs, tables, and other necessary supplies).

Step 9

Draw a floor plan. Consider traffic flow and lines for screening, location of electrical outlets and space requirements for each booth. Provide the floor plan to each exhibitor.

Step 10

Meeting with committee chairs one month before the Health Fair is scheduled to review progress towards implementation of plans.

Step 11

Send out press releases, media advisories, and newspaper ads.  Contact press to make sure that they will publicize the event.  Hang up posters and flyers around your community. 

Step 12

Set up tables, equipment, refreshments, etc. the night before.

Step 13

Troubleshooting, welcoming of participants, press, and special visitors.

Step 14

Clean up, return borrowed equipment.

Step 15

Tabulate evaluation results and submit newspaper articles.

Step 16

Thank-you letters to all who assisted in the Health Fair.

Step 17

Follow-up on referrals from screening, evaluation of Health Fair, and report accomplishments.

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