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Planning a Health Fair: Evaluating the Health Fair

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At least two types of evaluation forms should be developed—one for participants and another for the exhibitors.

Exhibitor Evaluations

Exhibitor evaluations can be handed out near the end of the health fair. Ask them to deposit the completed forms in a box as they leave. Have participant and exhibitor evaluation forms printed on two different colors of paper so they will be easy to separate.

Other options include interviewing exhibitors as they leave, mailing a survey, or calling them a few days later.

An evaluation form for exhibitors is included in the appendix; modify as necessary.

Participant Evaluations

Participant evaluations can be handed out as they register or sign in. The completed forms can be placed in a box as they leave. Another option is to have tables at the doors where people are most likely to exit; hand out the forms there, and ask people to complete them before leaving. Or, have volunteers interview people as they are leaving.

To encourage completion, a prize might be awarded to a person who provides their name and phone number on their completed evaluation form. The place for the participant’s name and phone could be at the bottom of the form so it could be cut off and placed in a box for the drawing.

Another option is to mail evaluation forms or call a sample of registrants after the health fair—be sure you have collected addresses and phone numbers as people sign in. Mailing evaluation forms is not likely to have a good return—expect about 10 to 20 percent at best. Volunteers could help with this. The sample evaluation form included in the appendix can be modified for local county situations or shortened for telephone interviews.

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