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Planning a Health Fair: 1 Week Before the Health Fair

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  • Confirm with all participants.
  • Print map and program.
  • Make exhibitor, volunteer, chairman, etc. nametags.
  • Purchase perishable items, safely store, etc.
  • Make list of where volunteers will be assigned the day of the health fair.
  • Finalize plan for the registration table and registration process.
  • Finalize plan for staffing, including command center table.
  • Finalize plan for evaluation, including distribution and collection.

Day Before the Health Fair:

  • Set up tables, booths, exhibits, chairs, classrooms, etc.
  • Bring the “be prepared for anything kit.”
  • Label the command center table and equip it with the “be prepared for anything kit.”
  • Set up the registration table, including:
    • Sign-in/registration sheets, including addresses and phone numbers
    • Plenty of pens and pencils for participants
    • Maps of exhibits and programs
    • “Goody bags” for giveaways
    • Assignment list for volunteers
  • Set up the evaluation area, including forms for exhibitors and participants.
  • Set up the food area.
  • Make sure there are enough electrical cords, outlets, audiovisual equipment, etc.

Day of the Health Fair:

  • Set up as needed.
  • Be ready one hour before opening.
  • Direct and instruct volunteers.
  • Collect registrations.
  • Collect evaluations.
  • Clean up.
  • Estimate attendance.

Follow-up After the Health Fair:

  • Send thank you letters to exhibitors, volunteers, etc.
  • Check with health agencies doing screenings to make sure follow-up is done for all lab results.
  • Tabulate evaluation results.
  • Determine and document possible improvements for next time.
  • Report results to the exhibitors and .0 media, etc., as appropriate.

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