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Planning a Health Fair: Evaluation of the Health Fair

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Evaluation of the Health Fair

Your name  _________________________          
Date ________________________

Thank you for participating in the Health Fair. In order to plan for future events, we would appreciate answers to the following questions:

1. How would you rate the Health Fair in general?

Excellent      Fair         Poor



2. Do you plan any changes in the things you normally do as a result of anything you learned or participated in at the Health Fair, such as taking a class or stopping smoking?

Yes _____________       No _______________



3. How do you plan on using any of the Health Fair information received today? Please check all the ways you plan to use the information you received today.

_____I do not plan to use the information.
_____I plan to read pamphlets for my own benefit.
_____I plan to share information with friends, relatives, or neighbors.
If so, how many?
_____I plan to see a doctor.
_____I found that I had a health problem I did not know about before.
_____I found that someone in my family had a health problem we did not know about before.
_____I learned about one or more health agencies and their services that I did not know about before.

4. List your favorite exhibitors/booths/activities and speakers.

My favorite exhibitors/booths/activities                              

My favorite speakers



5. Why did you come to the Health Fair? Check all that apply.

_____ Convenient
_____ Curious about health
_____ Felt badly recently
My family came _______
I was at the location anyway _______
Other __________________________

6. How did you hear about the Health Fair?

TV (specify station) ____________
Radio (specify station)_______________
Newspaper (which one?) __________________
Poster (specify where) _________________
Word of mouth ___________
Do not remember ____________________

7. Screenings, etc., I had today:

_____Blood Pressure
_____Flu Shots
_____Blood Sugar
_____Healthy Heart Evaluation
_____Helicopter Tour
_____Diabetes Education
_____Hearing Screening
_____Donated Blood
_____Donated Eye Glasses
_____PSA Testing
_____EMS Ambulance Tour
_____Skin/Mole Screening
_____Eye Screening

8. If you had an abnormality detected through screening, do you plan on getting a follow-up examination?

Yes _____ No _____

9. I would attend a Health Fair next year.

Yes _____ No ____

10. Topics I would like to see at the next Health Fair:



11. General comments and suggestions (bad and good equally welcome).



12. Optional (so we can get further information from you about the above, if needed):

Name: _________________________________________
Home Phone #: __________________________________
Office Phone # __________________________________

Thank you for your help!

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