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Program Planning Checklist

Name of Program



Date of Program



What will be the program content?



Who will be the audience?



Are there any possible partners?



What resources, funds are available?



Who will be in charge of planning?



When will it be held?



Where will it be held?



How long will it last?



Is the meeting facility accessible to those with disabilities?



What equipment (audio-visual, computers, seating, lectern) will be needed?



Will refreshments be served?



What publicity should be planned and carried out?



What accompanying materials (books, posters, displays) are needed?



Who will be the presenters?



Who will prepare the presentation?



Were the program details confirmed with the presenters by phone or letter?



What support staff is needed?



Are there sufficient handouts of program materials?



Have thank-you letters been sent to the presenters after the program?



For a more in-depth programming checklist, consult: Reference and User Services Association. Adult Programming: A Manual for Libraries. Chicago: American Library Association, 1997.

Reprinted with permission from the Missouri State Library and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan.

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