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Sample Newsletter Article

We are pleased to announce that the (Insert Library Name) is once again participating in the statewide library marketing initiative, "What's Your Story? Find it at the library!"

The campaign is a multi-year effort designed to remind Montanans of the value of their libraries to their local communities. United by a logo, new marketing tools and materials will be developed on an annual basis to target various Montana populations. The second year of the "What's Your Story?" marketing initiative will reach out to Montana baby boomers.

"Baby boomers are one of Montana's most quickly growing populations," said (Insert Library Spokesperson here). "By participating in the 'What's Your Story?' outreach initiative, we hope to better address the diverse research and entertainment needs of this enormous group by providing innovative and exciting new resources for them."

As part of the "What's Your Story" campaign, Montana libraries will work together to provide innovative programming, educational opportunities, and new resources, such as books, DVDs, and other library materials that are of special interest to the Montana baby boomer population. The statewide marketing effort will include the development of programming; marketing tools, such as posters and bookmarks; statewide media outreach, with new TV and radio public service announcements; and a series of print ads.

"Good library services are often taken for granted," said Darlene Staffeldt, Montana State Librarian. "The "What's Your Story?" marketing and outreach initiative will help us remind our users statewide of the many benefits of having a well-funded library in their communities. From providing computer access to resources on health issues to 24-hour homework help via the Internet and live chat with librarians, Montana libraries provide unique resources to help Montanans move forward with their lives."

The marketing and outreach materials are funded by a range of private donors who feel that libraries are making a positive impact on the communities they serve. These donors include: Mountain West Bank, the Montana Library Association, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, and AARP.

For more information on the "What's Your Story?" campaign, please contact (Name of Library spokesperson) at (Phone Number) or (Email).

  • Montana State Library
  • P.O. Box 201800, 1515 East 6th Avenue
  • Helena, MT 59620-1800
  • Phone: (406) 444-3115
  • Fax: (406) 444-0266
  • msl.mt.gov