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How to Get Your Television PSA Aired for Free

Two television PSAs have been developed to support the statewide marketing campaign. While we have purchased air time for these PSAs on both cable and network television, you and your library can play an important role in ensuring that stations choose to air these PSAs. Here's how:


Contact the Public Affairs/Community Relations Manager/Public Service Director at your local television stations.

Identify yourself as a representative from the local library community. Determine the preferred tape format.Television stations request public service announcements in a variety of formats, including: Beta SP, 1 3/4" or 1" reel.

Schedule a short meeting (15 – 30 minutes) with the representative to talk about the campaign, and the importance of getting this PSA on the air. At the meeting, discuss the overall marketing campaign. Make sure that you have something on which you can play the PSA for the station representative. Make sure that you have a copy of the PSA to leave with them. Be sure to emphasize the importance of playing the PSA; the radio station will be supporting one of our state’s most beloved institutions – libraries!

Libraries are encouraged to hand-deliver the PSAs (if possible) to Public Affairs/Community Relations/Public Service Directors of local stations.

Talk with colleagues — including trustees, members of your Friends group and business leaders — from your local community to see if anyone has any real relationships with management officials at your local television stations. If so, ask that person to place a call to the station on behalf of the local library community to encourage the airing of the new PSAs about libraries.

Please follow-up with a note thanking your contact for his or her support of your library. Extend an invitation to tour your library. Offer information on upcoming events and special programs and services.

Include the television station on your library's mailing list to ensure that producers have the latest newsletter updates on what is happening at your library.

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