Find Land Ownership Help
(Montana Cadastral* Mapping Application)

The mapping application associated with Find Land Ownership is a robust mapping tool, providing a broad range of functions. This Help page provides additional assistance for using this tool. You can use the Find Land Ownership tool to look up land ownership in a variety of ways. This Find Land Ownership Help system will help you plan a hunt in these three situations.

  • If you know the land owner's name and county you can use the application to search for and view the parcels they own.
  • If you know of an area where you would like to hunt, you can view that area using this application and learn who owns the land.
  • If you know the address of the land, you can use the application to learn who owns the land and view the parcel.

If you do not know land ownership or a specific area to hunt, you can use the Public and Private Land Ownership Maps. These Montana maps show privately owned land of forty acres or greater, they are updated each fall, and they list the land owners name.

Find Land Ownership Help Options

Land Owner Name and County are Known
Area Known: Need to Know Land Owner
Address Known: Need to Know Land Owner

Note: For a more detailed explanation beyond that provided in these three procedures, use the map application Help system.

* Cadastral is the adjective form of Cadastre. Cadastre—a public record, survey, or map of the value, extent, and ownership of land as a basis of taxation.

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