Public and Private Land Ownership Maps Help

To research suitable land for hunting:

1. Click Public and Private Land Ownership Maps.

2. Read the information provided about these maps collections.

3. If you know the name of the USGS topographic quad for the area you are interested in, skip to Step 4. Otherwise, use the map interface to find the topographic quad associated with your area of interest.

4. If you know the name of the USGS topographic map quadrangle, click a map (Public or Private) associated with a particular topographic map. Alternatively, click an associated List to view a list of private land owners (with the total acreage they own) in that topographic map.

Notes for using these maps

  • For readability, both sets of maps are designed on a large sheet of paper. You can view them using Acrobat Reader enlarged on a computer screen. Alternatively, the maps can be printed at a commercial print house for use in planning a hunt.
  • Private Land Maps: Use the Private Land Listing document associated with each quadrangle’s private land map to learn more about land ownership. Use the black text parcel number on the private land maps with its Private Land Listing to find the owner name and the total acreage owned in that map quadrangle. Always remember to contact a land owner before hunting on private property.
  • If you would like to view the legal description and contact information for a land owner, make a note of the owner name and the county and use the Find Land Ownership map application to locate the public record associated with that land owner. Use the Find Land Ownership Help if needed.
Montana Counties

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