Statewide Consulting Librarian

Primary Contact: Pamela Henley

Federation Coordinator

Sonja Woods, Miles City Public Library


Montana Library Event Calendar 

Meeting Date

Spring 2016 - March 5, 2016
Agenda (pdf)

Talking Points

Spring 2015 Talking Points (pdf)

Video Report

MSL Video Report to the Public Library Federations - Fall 2014


Bylaws (pdf)

Annual Reports


Plans of Service

FY2016 - Commission Approved
FY2015 - Commission Approved
FY2014 - Commission Approved
FY2013 - Commission Approved
FY2012 - Commission Approved
FY2011 - Commission Approved
FY2010 - Commission Approved


Member Libraries

Ekalaka Public Library
Pat Kalstrom - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Tricia Lovec Library Board Chair tjlunchlady@hotmail.com
Deb Stieg Library Board Member deborah.stieg@yellowjackets.bhsu.edu
DENICE STRICKLAND Library Board Vice-Chair de-strick@hotmail.com
MARVEL MURPHY Library Board Member epl@midrivers.com
RITA WILLIAMS Library Board Member ritam01@hotmail.com
Fallon County Library
Stacey Moore - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Mark Jacobsen Library Board Chair mark.jacobsen@denbury.com
Mary Pat Graham Library Board Member falloncountylibrary@gmail.com
Gaye Sander Library Board Member gaye_sander@yahoo.com
Sharon Huether Library Board Vice-Chair sharlinnea@yahoo.com
Candy Mettler Library Board Member candm@midrivers.com
Garfield County Library
Carrie Murnion - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Mareta Brusett Library Board Member garflibr@midrivers.com
Heather Gibson Library Board Chair garflibr@midrivers.com
Sharon Nelson Library Board Member garflibr@midrivers.com
Sonja Turner Library Board Member garflibr@midrivers.com
Amber Smith Library Board Member garflibr@midrivers.com
George McCone Memorial County Library
Emmie Loberg - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Keri Taylor Library Board Member mcl@midrivers.com
Kerry Eissinger Library Board Chair carabo3@hotmail.com
Alicia Keller Library Board Vice-Chair mcl@midrivers.com
Cody Drew Library Board Member mcl@midrivers.com
Flo Meissner Library Board Member mcl@midrivers.com
Glendive Public Library
Dawn Kingstad - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Lance Phinney Library Board Chair phinney@midrivers.com
Tammy Helmuth Library Board Member thelmuth@mt.gov
Patti Raisl Library Board Member raisl@midrivers.com
MaryAnn Clingingsmith Library Board Member maryannclingingsmith@yahoo.com
Avis Anderson Library Board Member aabgsky@midrivers.com
Henry A Malley Memorial Library
Diane Stuver - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Steve Vail Library Board Member svail@rangeweb.net
Ann Emmons Library Board Member emmov@rangeweb.net
Jeannie Traub Library Board Chair traubfam@rangeweb.net
Nancy Sampson Library Board Member nnsampson@gmail.com
Greg Childress Library Board Member insertcaddy@rangeweb.net
Jacy Collins Library Board Member j22emmons@hotmail.com
Miles City Public Library
Sonja Woods - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Marilyn Dickson Library Board Vice-Chair crissbob@midrivers.com
Betty Berger Library Board Chair bberger@midrivers.com
Arlene Corbin Library Board Member quiltqueen@midrivers.com
Kim Feil Library Board Member kfeil.mt@gmail.com
Bert Pezzarossi Library Board Member blckftboy@yahoo.com
Prairie County Library
Rolane Christofferson - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Margie Feickert Library Board Vice-Chair mkf@midrivers.com
Amber Murr Library Board Member alsg45@gmail.com
Linda Bruski Federation Representative mountie@midrivers.com
Lois Pfiefle Library Board Member lpiefle@gmail.com
Nancy Birkholz Library Board Chair xwolf70@yahoo.com
Sidney-Richland County Library
Kelly Reisig - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Don Nollmeyer Library Board Member sidneypublib@richland.org
Robin Hernandez Library Board Chair rhent@midrivers.com
Rob Knots Library Board Member rek@midrivers.com
Terry Sivertson Library Board Member tsivertson@mwfbi.com
Deb Gilbert Advisory Board Member crestwd@midrivers.com
Karen McNutt Advisory Board Member kmcnutt@midrivers.com
Wibaux Public Library
Mindy Van Vleet - Library Director
Trustee Type Email Address
Laura Dukart Library Board Chair tdukart@midrivers.com
Carol Rising Library Board Member wclrising@yahoo.com
Jan Huisman Library Board Member jhuisman73@hotmail.com
Carly Begger Library Board Member ladybag_cjt@yahoo.com
Mary Ernst Library Board Member maryernst57@yahoo.com