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What these RSS feeds provide

After you have subscribed to Montana State Library RSS feeds your RSS reader or aggregator will notify you when the feeds are updated with new information. These feeds are updated every Sunday. When you open an updated RSS feed, it displays the new publications received by the Montana State Library in the 90 days preceding the most recent Sunday, based on the criteria of the feed. If no new publications were received in that 90 day period there will be no titles listed. The titles are linked to digital web or hard copy sources:

  1. If a digital version of the publication is available, the link will take you directly to the digital file stored in our online digital archive. In most cases you can read the publication, download it, or print it.

  2. If a publication is available in only in hard copy or other physical format, the link will take you to the publication's record in our online catalog. From the catalog, you can contact our circulation desk to request the item be sent to you. Or visit the library to view the publication in our reading room.

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