MLIA Grant Information

In accordance with the Montana Land Information Act (MLIA), the Montana State Library administers an annual grant program to distribute accumulated funds from the Montana Land Information Account, established by MLIA. Grant applications are evaluated by the State Library and its advisory council, the Montana Land Information Advisory Council, and follow the MLIAC Grant Subcommittee Code of Ethics. Grant criteria are established based on the original intent of the MLIA and the goals and objectives of the annual Montana Land Information Plan. Please direct all grant program questions to

MLIA FY2023 Grant Program:

Applications to be considered for funding:

MLIA Grant Application Materials:

Awarded Grant Projects: View awarded projects

MLIA Grant Educational Materials:

Managing Your MLIA Grant:

Annual Grant Process Timeline:

Grant criteria/application published January 15
Grant application received by the MSL deadline before 5:00pm on February 15
Grant application revision deadline March 1
Grant applications prioritized for funding by MSL/ MLIAC Grant Subcommittee by May 1
Grants applications funding approval by Montana State Library Commission by May 15
Start of grant year July 1
Quarterly status reports as negotiated
Close of grant year June 30
This does not apply to MLIA Off-Cycle Grants

Eligible Grant Recipients:

The MLIA grant program was established for the purpose of implementing the Montana Land Information Plan -- MCA 90-1-404
Eligible grant recipients:

  • state agencies
  • local governments/agencies
  • Indian tribal governments or tribal entities

Please direct all grant program questions to