Cross-MSDI Relationships

The Administrative Boundaries database relates to the following other MSDI framework themes:

  • Cadastral (including PLSS)—many boundary themes are coincident/vertically integrated with the PLSS and tax parcels. Therefore they must be adjusted accordingly.
  • Mapping Control—governs the vertical alignment of this data to the PLSS.
  • Hydrography and Hydrographic Units—used to create boundaries defined by rivers, streams and watersheds.
  • Orthoimagery—used to verify boundaries and heads-up digitize.
  • Transportation—used to create boundaries defined by roads.
  • Elevation—used to assist in determining the boundaries delineated on topographic features like ridgelines.

From a spatial analysis perspective there are interrelationships with several other themes. For example how many acres of wetlands are contained within a county? What is the prevalent type of vegetative cover within a rural fire district? What is the major soil type within a sewer district?