Research and Development

Item Description (opportunities/risks) Resource Needs (time/$)
Meet with MSL addressing staff (Michael Fashoway) to determine what data needs to be NG9-1-1 ready. Scope the feasibility of maintaining a statewide emergency service zone, and possibly other jurisdictional boundary data required for NG 9-1-1 Research/report.  These data would need to comply with NENA standards to be used with NG 9-1-1 systems.  The biggest challenge would be to establish the relationships with local emergency service providers and PSAPS.  A web editing environment may be required to maintain currency. Staff time – several days
Define a pattern of annual outreach to all subtheme data sources getting changes to geometry and/or attributes. Add that pattern to annual theme lead performance objectives and ensure the description under Typical Data Outreach is accurate Work flows for each boundary sub-theme need to be expanded to include this type of documentation Staff time – could be several days for each sub-theme
Investigate the difference between the MDT published “city boundaries” “Urban boundaries” and what’s in the MDSI dataset. Research and document Staff time – 1 day
Create better mapping options for tax increment finance districts Data/map/service Not scoped
New AGOL products for Administrative Boundaries Data/map/service; flagship product updated Not scoped