Publishing and Archiving

The dataset is published when significant edits to the data have been made (usually not more than once per year or two). This dataset has a broad array of users including federal, state, and local natural resource managers; county and local land use planners, consultants, and place-based environmental groups; academic and agency researchers and analyst; recreationists; and K-12 educators, college and university faculty. 

A copy of the dataset is submitted to the Montana State Library archive at the end of each calendar year if the dataset was re-published since the last submission to the archive.

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Last published on 2014
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Web map service use statistics (SITSD host) SITSD service: Monthly average: approximately 538 distinct users (unique IP addresses); no statistics available for access via MTNHP web applications, although this is probably the heaviest use.
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Theme Lead

Jessica Mitchell
Spatial Analysis Lab Director
Montana Natural Heritage Program
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