Publishing and Archiving

Once certified and published a soil survey goes into maintenance mode which can include the development of additional standardized interpretations based on the soil attribute data. The certification of adjacent survey areas may result in changes to polygons due to edge-matching, in which case both spatial and tabular data will be updated. All soils data for Montana is available via the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway ( which is the official Federal government website that provides access to the nationwide SSURGO data.

The nature of MSDI Soils stewardship involves ensuring that the soils data available through the Montana GeoInfo website is current, discoverable and readily accessible. The USDA Geospatial Data Gateway ( is the official Federal government website that provides access to the nationwide SSURGO data. This site is complimented by the NRCS Web Soil Survey ( which provides access to soils mapping and selected interpretations for project areas of a limited size. Soils data for Montana provided via the GeoInfo website is a value-added product with the spatial data available in both UTM and State Plane coordinate systems and the tabular data imported into the associated MS Access databases. These products enhance the usability of the soils data for users that may include any member of the public, from layperson to specialist to GIS practitioner. Montana soils stewardship work currently involves one federal employee (MSDI Soils Theme Lead) working about 10% of a full-time position on Montana MSDI Soils framework tasks.

At this time, no annual archive data packages have been submitted to the Montana State Library archive. The inclusion of an annual data package is part of the 2015 work plan.

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