Research and Development

Item Description (opportunities/risks) Resource Needs (time/$)
Research who the Soils outreach audience is. Who is a specialist (a subject matter expert of some kind) and who is a generalist or a member of the public? Know what the liability issues are when doing soils outreach and ensure that any outreach minds those liabilities Scope: 3-6 months
Create a User Outreach Plan Based on the research about who uses the soils data. Who are the audiences, what do they need to know in general; what are the idiosyncrasies of the data; pointing them to the Soil data viewer; point them to existing NRCS procedures and Help documents about SSURGO; what outreach is NRCS data related and what outreach might be related to NRIS? Ensure that the outreach related to NRIS is reflected on the NRIS home page. Scope: 3-6 months
Modify the MSL MSDI Soils web page To provide the user outreach information and links to provide “self-serve” pointers to NRCS materials. I.e. how to choose and use the data, where are there soil health seminars in the state Initial steps 2-3 weeks, periodic updates
Create an outreach webinar about soils data That can be delivered via a MAGIP seminar and recorded. The recording can then be linked to the Soils MSDI page. MAGIP may not be the right audience, but it would be a venue to deliver the webinar and have it recorded. Perhaps also deliver this developed webinar/seminar as outreach to the target audience—the real soils users. Prep: 2-3 weeks, delivery: biannually And/or connect to agency webinars.