Data Outreach

Wetlands Theme Lead outreach:

  • When the dataset is re-published with updates, notification is sent to the MAGIP Listserv.
  • Occasional talks at MAGIP and other regional/state conferences covering uses and applications of the Wetlands Framework.
  • Wetlands Workshops/Webinar on wetlands data access and data use:

DEQ Wetland Program contracted with a certified Professional Wetland Scientist and cooperated with the Montana Natural Heritage Program to develop a training curriculum and to present nine workshops and one webinar titled “Montana Wetland and Riparian Maps: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them”.  Curriculum preparation began in April 2014. The training included a targeted handout and a hands-on mapping exercise.  Each training session was tailored to the unique audience and location. A one hour pilot training was given to Montana DEQ on May 12 with attendance from all four DEQ Divisions including eleven different Bureaus.  Future trainings were extended to two hours each.  A total of 139 individuals attended the live trainings:

  • Canyon Ferry. May 14 in conjunction with Montana Watershed Coordination Council’s (MWCC) aquatic monitoring training.
  • Havre. June 25. 
  • Helena. July 24 in conjunction with the Dept of Natural Resources and Conservation Floodplain Seminar.
  • Hamilton. September 17 in conjunction with the Montana Association of Planners annual conference.
  • Bozeman. September 26..
  • Kalispell. October 8 in conjunction with the Montana Chapter of the American Water Resources annual meeting.
  • Billings. November 6 targeting Eastern Montana and BLM staff.
  • Miles City. November 7 targeting Eastern Montana and BLM staff.

A final training via Webinar was held December 5, 2014 and attended by more than 40 individuals. The webinar and additional resources are posted on-line at the Wetland Clearinghouse