Publishing and Archiving

The statewide dataset is updated semi-annually to incorporate newly mapped project areas and published to the GIS Data List. The dataset is available for download via the GIS Data List, delivered via a web map service, and delivered in the Montana Natural Heritage Program MapViewer.

A copy of the dataset is submitted to the Montana State Library archive at the end of each calendar year if the dataset was re-published since the last submission to the archive.

Count of MT FY15 Releases as of Spring 2015
Last published on December 3, 2014
Web page visit statistics 249 visits (2014 calendar year)
Data download use statistics 357 downloads (2014 calendar year)
Web map service use statistics (SITSD host) Monthly average: approximately 694 distinct users (unique IP addresses)
Application use statistics Montana Natural Heritage Program MapViewer (2014 calendar year):

* Map Viewer use: 494 users
* Page views: 1,065 page views