MSL-USDA NRCS Natural Resource Data Partnership Ecological Site Reviewer - Public Input Version

The Public Input Version of the Site Reviewer looks much like the standard version; however, it provides one additional tool.  An Edit Tool allows users to markup where a revision to Landcover or NRCS layers may be needed.  For example, field observations of the land cover type may identify needed changes to the EVT code. The user can draw a polygon and add a comment describing the modification needed. If a user determines that the ecological site assigned to a soil map unit should be modified that information can also be submitted. Anyone using the application will see the suggested change and partners can communicate prior to the change being implemented.

To ensure your suggested edits are incorporated by agency partners please contact Catherine Maynard, NRCS natural resource analyst, or MSL Water Information System Manager Troy Blandford, for the URL to the Interagency Version.