A Quick Look At The 2009 Program Changes

Here's a list of the changes made to the certification program as a result of the 2009 update. Details about each of these changes are included in other sections of the program manual.

Certification reflects participation in continuing education activities (certification levels based on education/experience are discontinued).

3 certification tracks are now available: Administrator, Staff and Trustee.

All public library directors are required to be certified in the Library Administrator Track, including those with MLIS degrees.

A voluntary certification track requiring 15 credits earned in 4 years is available for trustees.

60 CE credits are required for certification in the Administrator and Staff tracks (increased from 40).

CE credits must be earned within a 4 year period (decreased from 5 years).

A minimum of 10 credits are needed in each category (increased from 5 credits).

Certificates are valid for 4 years (decreased from 5 years).

There is no longer an "other" continuing education category.

Specializations are available reflecting extra CE credits earned.

There is no enrollment process. Participants will apply for certification whenever they meet the requirements.

There are no CE forms requiring signatures.

There is no prior approval required from the Montana State Library for CE activities.

Library directors will assist staff with CE planning and tracking CE activities.

Library directors and Boards will verify staff participation in CE activities when applying for certification.

There is an electronic form for tracking CE activities.

There is an electronic application form.

The program manual is in electronic format.

There is no fee for certification ($10 fee discontinued).

The program is now the Montana Certification Program for Library Directors, Staff and Trustees.