How To Apply For Certification

When you have met the requirements for the certification track you selected - Administrator, Staff, or Trustee - you submit the materials listed below to Montana State Library:

Completed online Submit My CE Certification Application Form On-line providing:

Applicant's information

Certification track selected

Specializations achieved

Signature of applicant

Signature of supervisor verifying CE credits:

Staff supervisor is the director or department head

Director supervisor is the Board chair or administrator responsible for the library

Trustee supervisor is the Board chair

Board chair supervisor is another Board member

Indication of preferred recognition level

Completed tracking form of all successfully completed training providing:



Workshop/Training Title


Number of Credits

CE Category

Continuing education credits must be earned within the 4-year period prior to applying for certification. For events such as library conferences that offer multiple workshops, each session attended should be listed separately on the tracking form.

If you have recently (within the last 4 years) earned an MLS/MLIS degree and are applying for certification based on the degree award, please apply online and indicate a college official to verify the degree conferred and the date that it was conferred.  See details about how a graduate degree qualifies here.