Voluntary Trustee Certification Track

Library trustees must always be aware of the issues, opportunities and challenges facing public libraries. Providing high quality service to patrons is the way to assure Montana's public libraries remain successful. The Montana library community needs well-educated trustees to sustain this success. The skills developed through voluntary certification allow trustees to fulfill their responsibilities to their library and its patrons.

Program Requirements

  • 15 continuing education credits earned in a 4 year period which includes:
  • Minimum of 10 credits in the Library Administration continuing education category
  • Balance of credits are electives
  • Verification of continuing education credits by the Board chair (NOTE: The Board chair's continuing education credits can be verified by another member of the library Board.)
  • Trustees can earn a specialization in Collection Management and Technical Services, Library Services to the Public, or Technology by accumulating a minimum of 10 credits in that category.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no fee for certification; however, there are costs in terms of time and possible travel expenses.

Why should I get certified?

  • Improve your library
  • Increase board involvement
  • Increases board member effectiveness
  • Contributes to a professional team atmosphere for the board

What are the competencies for the trustee certification program?

  • Knowledge of applicable laws, current library trends and services
  • Conduct and contribute to effective board meetings
  • Build effective relationships with the director, local government officials, and community members.
  • Encourage and promote active use of the library
  • Recruit, hire, and evaluate the library director
  • Develop policies that will result in the effective operation of the library
  • Adopt a budget that meets the current and planned operational needs of the library
  • Assess library building needs and attempt to create and/or maintain a physical building that is user friendly and accessible
  • Develop and evaluate short and long term plans for the library
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with other organizations, agencies, and institutions including Friends and Foundations
  • Information about how to earn CE, applying for certification and other certification topics is found in other sections of this manual