For College Coursework– Including MLS/MLIS Degrees

Library science college coursework completed during a 4-year certification period can be used for continuing education credits. Both undergraduate and graduate level library science courses can be converted into continuing education credits using the formula below:

1 semester credit course = 4 continuing education credits

2 semester credit course = 8 continuing education credits

3 semester credit course = 12 continuing education credits

1 quarter credit course = 2 continuing education credits

2 quarter credit course = 4 continuing education credits

3 quarter credit course = 6 continuing education credits

To be eligible for CE credits college coursework must, for the most part, be library-specific. Possible exceptions to this might be courses in public administration. Determination on assigning CE credits to coursework that is not library-specific will be made by library administrators on an individual basis as requested by staff who have completed college courses.

If an individual has recently completed a graduate degree in library science, the degree can be used to meet certification requirements.To be used for certification, the degree must have been awarded within the 4 years prior to the time the individual applies for certification.  In the interest of protecting the privacy of certification applicants, the Montana State Library no longer accepts copies of college transcripts.  In lieu of transcripts, applicants should submit as part of their application an official acknowledgement of degree completion from the appropriate collection official of the granting academic institution. Appropriate college officials include a representative of the Registrar’s or Bursar’s Office or the Dean or Assistant Dean of the relevant graduate program. A statement from the college official may take the form of an official document used by the institution and/or  an email from the school’s email system to the CE Coordinator at the MT State Library. The acknowledgement should indicate the name of the applicant, the name of the degree and the month and date that it was conferred. Do not include personal information such as student ID#s, Social Security #s or birthdates.