For Serving as Site Supervisor for Library School Practicum Students

For Serving as the Site Supervisor for Library School Practicum Students Librarians are encouraged to support learners attending library school by accepting internships when possible. Some programs of study for librarianship require a practicum experience, and for those seeking post-graduate credentials while working/living here in Montana, it can be challenging to find a site. Furthermore, librarians gain significant insights in providing supervision to students in library school while also contributing to field by supporting practicum programs. The process of supervising an intern in your library is recognized for credit when the practicum meets all the following requirements:

• The practicum is structured within a specific time frame with objectives and responsibilities for both the practicum student and the supervisor and the practicum is under the direction of faculty of a program of library science at an accredited university The practicum is a minimum of 20 hours of student work

• Normally, the designated site supervisor may claim credit for the practicum as the primary supervisor of the student; if the supervising plan for the practicum involves the student working under more than one person at the library, or more than one library site, then the credits may be divided, provided each supervising period is at least 10 hours of student work time

• The site supervisor fulfills all requirements of the college and retains documentation that all requirements have been fulfilled

• Librarians may claim credit for more than one practicum, but not if they supervise more than one practicum student for the same academic time period. For example, if a site supervisor takes on a student one year, and a different student the next year, they may claim credit for both supervision periods. If they supervise two students during the same semester, though, they may only claim credit for one.


Site supervision is applied to the library administration category with credits earned according to the following formula:

Practicum hours*:   CE credits:

10                                      3

20                                      7

30                                    10

40                                    14

60                                    20


*Practicum hours refers to the total number of hours that the student spends working at the site library