Paperwork Checklist

Please be aware that once submitted paperwork can take a long time and go through many hands before it is completed. It is a good idea to keep a record tracking paperwork: who filled it out, if they had questions the date and time of the person from that office who helped them, when it was signed and by whom, when it was submitted, etc. If there is a question as to if it was done, who did it, or why they did it that way--you will be grateful to have those details at your fingertips.

Completed W-9 and notified Montana State Library of name changes

Applied for an EIN which means you have notified the IRS of your name change and new district.

Notified city/county/pertinent state or federal agencies of name changes

Completed paperwork for the Department of Administration

Notified Friends/Foundation of name changes

Notified any trust funds of name changes

Notified vendors of name changes

Placed an article in paper or use local community publications to notify the public of name changes and new district

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