Name Change

If your name changed when you became a district you need to let people know. In many cases a simple letter should work, but each place is different. This is an initial step. Some of these agencies may require additional application forms because you are a new district. You will be working with many of these agencies on a monthly or annual basis. At this point you are making them aware of your existence so they can help you work through the requirements of each agency.

Here are some of the people you will need to contact (there are probably others):

Montana State Library - you will need to complete a W-9 form which can be obtained by contacting Carol Churchill at the State Library's accounting office at 406-444-5348 or visiting the Department of Administration's website at The name of the form is Substitute W-9 form. This form is important because we need the information on it in order to send the new district state aid money.

City or County Officials

State agencies

Department of Administration (

Department of Labor and Industry (

Montana State Department of Revenue (

Montana Public Employees Retirement Administration (PERS) (

State Social Security Administrator (


Friends or Foundation

Other government entities - such the Internal Revenue Service

The community - including the newspaper, library supporters, and residents

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