Payroll and Personnel Checklist

Especially if you are under a county or city government MOA, investigate their expectations and all the information they can provide including whether or not your employees will be considered part of a bargaining unit.

Talk to human resource person about this process. City/county clerk is a good place to start.

Take one of the annual classes offered for businesses that helps with the payroll and personnel process

Contact the Montana Social Security Administrator

Complete paperwork for IRS Complete paperwork for State of Montana Department of Revenue

Complete paperwork for Department of Labor and Industry

Complete paperwork for the Department of Homeland Security's Citizenship and Immigration Services office (I-9 forms)

Adopt an interim personnel policy or formal one if you have time

Adopt interim job descriptions or create them if they don't exist

Transfer staff and benefits to new district if applicable

Complete paperwork for health insurance if applicable

Complete paperwork for retirement benefits if applicable

Create timesheets and other payroll/personnel documents

Talk to city/county clerk and recorder for advice on setting up payroll system

Set up payroll system if handling payroll internally

Set up connections between software and bank

Enter employee data into system

Make sure that a system is in place for paying

Federal and state income taxes


Social Security

Worker's compensation

Unemployment insurance

Health insurance (if applicable)

Retirement (if applicable)

Set up checks and balances within system

Run through payroll in a test environment to identify any problems, etc.

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